Cinematic storytelling for corporate communication

Educate your clients, employees & partners with the most powerful tool


A real story

Rendered as a movie or tv series

We capture your needs and turn them into a story easy to understand, love and remember.

Connecting your real work with their real lives.

Whatever your products or services, hard or soft skill requirements.

Our Services

Concentrate professional experiences combined and harmonised to offer next generation communication and training tools at a quality and cost you will simply not find elsewhere

Extra solutions

Cinematic storytelling can also be used for:

Enhanced video tutorials

for software / hardware / products / services / compliance / behaviours

Perfect for internal communication, change communication, internal or external marketing and i-learning.

Short cinematic video series

the ultimate learning tool

Consolidate engagement and audience adoption via short cinematic episodes conceived as a series of videos to be released over time.

Executive Sponsorship / Testimonials video interviews

Supercharge your communication with video interviews featuring executive sponsors / testimonials to promote key messages and transformations.

Avatar personal tutors

A trained actor will deliver the client's processes on camera with multiple angles via dynamic movements (i.e. immersed in the scene) and with screen recordings in the background.

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